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Famous Names : By Category

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From diverse cultures on multiple continents, from the folds of history and tradition, Babynology brings to you a glittering anthology of famous baby names fit for your little prince or princess. We like to use famous baby names for our children because of the positive associations they bring with them. Dwight Eisenhower was a famous American General, Gamal Nasser was a famous Egyptian president, and Queen Victoria was the longest ruling monarch of Great Britain, names that are popular to this day. Please take a few moments to research famous baby names by category from the exhaustive catalog we have provided because it is simply a smart idea. After all, the famous baby boy name or famous baby girl name you will eventually choose will be a decision that will last a lifetime

In Babynology, we understand your hunt for a famous baby names and bestow you with an easy and expressive way to explore the world of famous baby names from all over the world.