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Princess Diana’s Death Remembered

Date 08/31/2016

The 19th Anniversary of the death of Princess Diana was privately remembered by Princes Harry and William. Today is the day that marks the time that the people’s princess tragically died in the Pont de l‘Alma tunnel in Paris at the young age of 36 years-old.

Diana was known for breaking down barriers and tackling tough issues, at home and around the world. She was an active humanitarian and also battled the stigma of HIV/AIDS, helping those who had no voice. She touched millions of people all over the world and her common touch and kind heart changed the monarchy forever.

Just like on the day of her death, many people were seen placing messages and flowers on the gates of Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana’s two sons – Princes Harry and William – who took the day to remember their mother in private. They are still carrying on the legacy of their mother, from charity work to being in touch with the people.

The feminine name Diana is probably taken from the old Indo-European root that means “heavenly or divine”. It was the name of the Roman goddess Daina of hunting, the moon, forests and childbirth. This is a perfect meaning for the former Princess of Wales – Diana Spencer.

The name became popular as a give name since the Renaissance. The name then became more common after the release of the novel “Rob Roy” by Sir Walter Scott in the English Speaking world. It skyrocketed in popularity after the novel “Diana of the Crossways” by George Meredith.

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