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Jaden Smith Has A New Clothing Line

Date 08/29/2016

The son of actress Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith – Jaden Smith - talks about his new clothing line with Variety magazine in an interview. MSFTSrep is a clothing line that is made for “the girl that wants to be a tomboy or the boy that wants to wear a skirt,” Jaden states.

Jaden exclaims that the clothing line is pronounced ‘misfits’ - but he removed the I's because this is a team effort and there is no I in team. MSFTSrep is a place for everyone including the lost kids, it is also something of their own to have. He stated that he is there for kids – if someone is picking on you – Jaden Smith will be by your side.

Before releasing his controversial fashion line he was the image of the 2016 women’s collections for Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer line. This is a brave step for the young star to release a controversial clothing line.

The name Jaden is an invented name and can be used as either a masculine or feminine name. It comes from taking the common suffix sound on such names as Aiden, Hayden and Braden. Some consider it a version of Jadon which means “he will judge” or “thankful” in Hebrew. This is a fitting meaning for the name of Jaden Smith.

Jaden first became popular in the 1990’s in America, when a lot of names that sounded the same were becoming more common. The name increased in popularity within the ethnic minorities when the famous actor Will Smith named his child Jaden.

Jaden Meaning

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Meaning of Jaden :
God has heard | Combination Of Jay And Aiden | The precious stone.
Origin of name Jaden :

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