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Kevin Hart Gets Married

Date 08/14/2016

Comedian, Kevin Hart finally married his longtime girlfriend close to Santa Barbara last Saturday. Eniko Parrish, the stunning bride wore a custom Vera Wang gown during the ceremony. Afterward, changing into yet another amazing gown for the reception.

Hart, who is 37-years-old proposed to Parrish on her 30 birthday. The best man was Hart’s 8-year-old son – Hendrix. Also, seen at the ceremony was his 11-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart.

There were many famous people at the wedding, including Ludacris. Photos of the event were posted by Hart on Instagram Sunday morning.

The name Kevin, much like the actor is popular in many places as a males name. Derived from the Anglicized Irish name Caoimhin, which comes from the older Irish word Coemgein – taken from two Old Irish elements coem meaning “kind, gentle, and handsome,” and gein meaning “birth”. Furthermore, Kevin Hart is an amazing comedian that embodies the qualities of the name Kevin very well.

Back in the 6th century the patron saint of Dublin, Saint Caoimhin, started a monastery in Glendalough, Ireland. Afterward, the name became common beyond Ireland in the 20th century in the English-speaking world. There are many people who bear this name, from Kevin Bacon to Kevin Costner both famous American actors. Not to mention all the great athletes, from Kevin Gordon an Australian Rugby Player to Kevin Hayes an ice hockey player from America. You can already find the name Keven Hart in the list of notable Kevins.

Kevin Meaning

Name :


Meaning of Kevin :
Little gentle one or handsome
Origin of name Kevin :

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