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Connecting Emotionally With Your Baby As A Working Mom


The nuclear family, as a unit of our social fabric, has experienced a major paradigm shift over the past millennium. Double income families have become the rule and are no longer the exception in the West, with families in emerging economies quickly following suit. As a result, mothers are unable to afford the luxury of full-time mommy hood. Many working mothers are eventually compelled to turn to day care or live in nannies once the beautiful post natal phase is abruptly terminated with the first workplace visit after the baby?s arrival. How are you to bond with your baby in this complex situation? It can be done and we have a few suggestions we wish to share with you :-

Say No to Everything Else

"Easier said than done," we can hear you say. However, no matter how you do the math, there will always be 24 hours in a day. It goes without saying that there will be sacrifices involved. Groceries, on the most part, will have to be purchased online. Your close friends will have to visit you and not the other way around. Your in-laws will have to be more understanding and turned the expectation meter down a few notches. Your partner will have to go beyond the call of duty and chip in big time. After all it isn't just your baby. It's his baby too! If you are a single parent with no help whatsoever, the challenge is slightly more complex. If you have a nephew or a niece out for the summer, invite her to spend the summer with you. You will be able to take a shower in peace while someone watches over the baby. A mere physical presence can reduce your stress levels significantly and work miracles.

Sleep with Your Baby Often

Although medical experts say that babies should sleep in cribs, children in 90% of the world don't sleep in cribs because poor families can't afford them. Consider at least napping with your baby a few times a week if you must adhere to the crib routine. Just smiling at the baby when she is awake and holding the baby's tiny hands in your palm while napping will help you bond with your baby and communicate to her that you are indeed resting within an arm?s length. Dress your baby in a body suit or a zippable baby blanket and do not cover the baby with your comforter. This will help you keep situations related to your baby's breathing at bay.

Hold and Touch your Baby

Establishing an emotional connection and bonding with your baby is no rocket science. Hold your infant as often as you can. Use a baby sling kangaroo style if you have to do the laundry or run around the house to do light house work. Talk to your baby and tell her about the things you are doing. Babies pick up more data from parental conversations that we are willing to admit. In the mid 1950s, a scientist named Harry Harlow conducted bonding experiments with rhesus monkeys and found that baby monkeys preferred care givers who expressed emotion over those who did not even if unresponsive caregiver monkeys brought the baby monkeys more food.

The true key to a life long emotional connection with your baby can be summed up in one word-- consistency. Maintain a regular routine after picking up your baby from day care or relieving your nanny. Many US presidents had working moms and they turned out fine. So will your baby.


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