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Aaron Ciechanover

Male (Boys)

2004 Nobel laureate in Chemistry for his discovery with Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose, of ubiquitin-m

Abbas Shafiee

Male (Boys)

Is a notable Iranian (Persian) pharmaceutical chemist and one of the leading figures in Iran's scien

Abdelbaki Sahraoui

Male (Boys)

Was a co-founder of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in Algeria.In 1926, he joined the circle of Sh

Abdul Ahad Mohmand

Male (Boys)

Became the first astronaut (or cosmonaut) from Afghanistan to visit outer space. He spent nine days

Abel Janszoon Tasman

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant.

Ablai Khan

Male (Boys)

Was a Kazakh khan of the Middle Juz. Born as Abulmansur. Ablai-Khan belonged to the senior branch of

Abolhasan Farhoudi

Male (Boys)

Was a prominent Persian medical scientist, immunologist and pediatrician.Professor Farhoudi studied

Abraham Blauvelt

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch privateer and explorer mapping much of Central America in the 1630s, after whom both the

Abraham De Bellebat

Male (Boys)

Was a French naval commander. In 1687 he sailed from the Cape of Good Hope in the L'Oiseau, with a F

Abraham Harold Maslow

Male (Boys)

Was an American psychologist. He is noted for his conceptualization of a "hierarchy of human needs",

Abraham Willink

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch-Argentine entomologist. His main contributions were made on the Hymenopteran families Ve

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Abu Na?r Al-farabi

Male (Boys)

Was a Muslim polymath and one of the greatest scientists and philosophers of Persia and the Islamic

Abu Yahya Zakariya' Ibn Muhammad Al-qazwini

Male (Boys)

Was a Persian physician, astronomer, geographer and proto-science fiction writer.Qazwini was also we

Abul Wafa Buzjani

Male (Boys)

Was a Persian mathematician and astronomer. He was born in Buzhgan, (now Torbat-e Jam) in Iran.In 95

Achille Costa

Male (Boys)

Was an Italian entomologist appointed director of the Zoological Museum of Naples. He founded the en

Achille Guenée

Male (Boys)

Was a French lawyer and entomologist.He was educated in Chartres where he showed a very early intere

Adam Dunkels

Male (Boys)

Is a Swedish software engineer, researcher and co-founder of the Networked Embedded Systems Group at

Adam Johann Von Krusenstern

Male (Boys)

Was a Russian admiral and explorer who led the first Russian circumnavigation of the Earth. In Russi

Adam Ries

Male (Boys)

He is sometimes better known by the name of Adam Riese; scientists and historians, however, point ou

Adelbert Ames, Jr.

Male (Boys)

Was an American scientist who made contributions to physics, physiology, ophthalmology, psychology,

Adele Goldberg

Female (Girls)

Is a computer scientist who wrote or co-wrote books on the programming language Smalltalk-80. In the

Adolf Bernard Meyer

Male (Boys)

Was a German anthropologist , ornithologist and entomologist.Meyer was a professor at the Anthropolo

Adolf Butenandt

Male (Boys)

German biochemist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1939 for his "work on sex hormones

Adolf Cukor

Male (Boys)

Was a film mogul and founder of Paramount Pictures.

Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld

Male (Boys)

Was a Finnish geologist, mineralogist and arctic explorer and a member of the prominent Finland-Swed

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