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African Baby Names

Being a massive continent, Africa has many languages divided into hundreds of regional dialects. Baby names in Africa are also being influenced by African native languages, including Hausa, Zulu, Yoruba, Swahili, Shona and Kongo. The common African baby names reflect religious and political beliefs. They vary from one region to another, like the people living in the north of Africa are Muslim and inclined towards Arabic names. The central and southern Africa is influenced by European colonization so the names are influenced by English, Arabic, French, Dutch or Portuguese. Babynology offers a wide variety of African baby names with their meanings and origin. It also lists more than thousands of African baby names in different categories like top, famous, cute, unusual, uncommon, popular, baby boy and girl's name.

African Boy Names

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African Girl Names

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African Baby Boy Names Meaning & African Baby Girl Names Meaning

Female (Girls)
High Exalted; To Ascend
Female (Girls)
Born On Thursday (Fante Origin)
Female (Girls)
Child That Keeps Coming Back (Ewe Origin)
Female (Girls)
We Begged To Have This One To Lift Up (Yoruba Orig
Female (Girls)
Clear; Limpid
Female (Girls)
Second Child After Twins ( Twi Origin )
Female (Girls)
Made Of Stone, A Building.
Male (Boys)
Stern (swahili Origin )
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