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Famous People with Name Cassius

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Personality/ Celebrity / Famous Name: Cassius Clay
The birthname of boxer Muhammad Ali.

Personality/ Celebrity / Famous Name: Gaius Cassius Longinus
He was a Roman Politician who was behind the plot to murder Julius Caesar.
Personality/ Celebrity / Famous Name: Cassius Dio
He was a noted Roman historian and public servant.
Cassius as First Name
Cassius Khan     Cassius Khan       Origin/Culture/Country: Indian
Cassius Khan: the only known Indian Classical musician in the world who has combined Tabla playing and Ghazal singing simultaneously, thus a remarkable feat in the Indian Classical music scene.his family moved to Canada in 1974 and moved back to Fiji Islands in 1983 at the age of nine, and returned in 1987. He met his teachers in Vancouver, BC, Canada, eminent Ghazal singer Mushtari Begum (Dec 25th 1934-March 14th 2004) who received the title "Malika-e Ghazal" (Queen Of Ghazal) in 1973 by the Indian High Consulate, Harmonium/Qawaali singer Sheikh Mohyudean (1920-) and Tabla player Ustad Rukhsar Ali (1945-) and started learning Ghazal singing, Harmonium playing, and Tabla playing.

Cassius Baloyi     Cassius Baloyi       Origin/Culture/Country: South African
Cassius Baloyi: is a professional boxer.Known as "Mr. Shy Guy",[citation needed] Baloyi turned pro in 1994 and captured the Vacant IBF Super Featherweight Title in 2005 with a TKO over Manuel Medina. He lost the title in his first defense to Gairy St Clair later in the year, but regained the title by defeating compatriot Mzonke Fana on April 12, 2008. His most recent defense in September 2008 was against Javier Osvaldo Alvarez, whom he knocked down three times on the way to a TKO victory.at 12 Aprill 2008, Baloyi lost one of his tittles to Malcolm Klassen where the refree stop the fight at the seventh round after malcolm klassen overpowered Baloyi,after the fight it was reported that Baloyi was cheated by his trainer who was Malcolm klassen's trainer to.and it was allegedly reported that Baloyi has found himself a new trainer.by ish,nhombelani.

Cassius Chiyanika     Cassius Chiyanika       Origin/Culture/Country: Zambian
Cassius Chiyanika: is a Zambian amateur boxer who competed at the 2008 Olympics at flyweight. He went up to flyweight when Kennedy Kanyanta turned pro and won the 2nd AIBA African 2008 Olympic Qualifying Tournament beating fighters like Jackson Chauke thus qualifying for Be

Cassius Ricardo Duran     Cassius Ricardo Duran       Origin/Culture/Country: Brazilian
Cassius Ricardo Duran: is a male diver from Brazil. He represented his native country at three consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 2000 (Sydney, Australia). Duran won a silver medal at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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