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Famous People with Name Michael

Michael as First Name

Michael Kelsey 'Kim' Elgie     Michael Kelsey        Origin/Culture/Country: African

Michael Kelsey 'Kim' Elgie: is a former South African cricketer who played in 3 Tests from 1961 to 1962. He was also Rugby union footballer and played for Scotland eight times as a centre while he was studying at the University of St Andrews in the 1950s.

Michael Roberts     Michael Roberts        Origin/Culture/Country: African

Michael Roberts: a South African jockey currently residing in Suffolk, England, with his wife Verna and two daughters, Melanie and Carolyn. Roberts has had a successful career, winning many English and South African races multiple times. He was British flat racing Champio

Michael Edwardes     Michael Edwardes        Origin/Culture/Country: African

Michael Edwardes: is a business executive.In 1977 he was appointed as chief executive of the United Kingdom's ailing motor giant, British Leyland. In 1980 he attracted criticism for a speech to the CBI Conference in which he said, "If the Cabinet do not have the wit and imagination to reconcile our industrial needs with the fact of North Sea oil, they would do better to leave the bloody stuff in the ground."[1] His tenure with British Leyland lasted until 1982, when he was replaced by Harold Musgrove.

Michael Levinsohn     Michael Levinsohn        Origin/Culture/Country: African

Michael Levinsohn: is a South African entrepreneur who has successfully established a number of businesses and financed the production of some albums by notable musicians.

Michael Winston "Mike" Melvill     Michael Winston "Mike" Melvill        Origin/Culture/Country: African

Michael Winston "Mike" Melvill: is one of the test pilots for SpaceShipOne, the experimental spaceplane developed by Scaled Composites. Melvill piloted SpaceShipOne on its first flight past the edge of space, flight 15P on June 21, 2004, thus becoming the first commercial astronaut and

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Michael as Last Name

Sami Michael     Sami Michael       Origin/Culture/Country: Jewish

Sami Michael: is an Israeli author and the president of The Association for Civil Rights in Israel. He was born as Sallah Menasse in Baghdad, Iraq.In some books, Michael draws on the excitement of his own formative experiences. Sufa ben ha-D'kalim (meaning "Storm Among the Palms") is a book for young readers about the life of a young Jew in the alleys of Baghdad. It is a world of magic and hazard, of pranks, streetfights, gloomy love, and standing up to hooligans.

Barry Michael     Barry Michael       Origin/Culture/Country: Australian

Barry Michael: is a former Australian boxer. He was in his prime during the 1980s and is best remembered for his 1985 fight against Lester Ellis, which received nationwide television coverage in Australia.

Edward Michael     Edward Michael       Origin/Culture/Country: French

Edward Michael: was a classical composer from British origin. After serving in the Royal Air Force during World War II, he began musical studies at the Guildhall School of Music where he learned composition. He worked with Berthold Goldschmidt (student of Hindemith), then with Mátyás Seiber (student of Zoltán Kodály ) and also studies the violin (with Max Rostal). In 1947, he won a first prize in orchestra conducting and started a career as a solo violinist.

David Moritz Michael     David Moritz Michael       Origin/Culture/Country: German

David Moritz Michael: was a composer. Born and educated in Germany, David Moritz Michael became a member of the Moravian Church when he was thirty years old. He taught in the Moravian school at Niesky and, in 1795, he emigrated to Pennsylvania. Moritz Michael's official church position was as a worker with the young men of the Moravian congregations in Nazareth and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and his contributions to the musical life of the Moravian settlements in Pennsylvania was great. In addition to his wind ensemble works -- the most famous of which, Die Wasserfahrt (The Water Journey)' is currently available in a number of recordings -- and fourteen "Parthien", he wrote a number of anthems and arias for church services. Moritz Michael returned to Germany in 1815 and died in Neuwied, Germany, on February 26, 1827.

Jere Michael     Jere Michael       Origin/Culture/Country: American

Jere Michael: is an American retired competitive figure skater. He represented the Broadmoor Figure Skating Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado before moving to his current location at the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club.

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