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Famous People with Name Alan

Alan as First Name

Alan S. Kaufman     Alan S. Kaufman        Origin/Culture/Country: American
Alan S. Kaufman: an American psychology professor known for his work on intelligence testing.He has been married to psychologist Nadeen L. Kaufman since 1964. While Assistant Director at The Psychological Corporation from 1968 to 1974, he worked closely with David Wechsler on the revision of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) and supervised the standardization of the revised version (WISC-R). He also collaborated with Dorothea McCarthy in the development and standardization of the McCarthy Scales of Childrenâs Abilities. He held positions at University of Georgia (1974â1979) and University of Alabama (1984â1995) before taking a position at Yale University.

Alan Dugan     Alan Dugan        Origin/Culture/Country: American
Alan Dugan: was an American poet. His poetry is known for its plain and direct language, though it is supported by technical skill; it is generally trenchant and ironic in its criticism of American life and received ideas, and in its frank sensuality alike. Dugan rec

Alan Jay Perlis     Alan Jay Perlis        Origin/Culture/Country: American
Alan Jay Perlis: was an American computer scientist known for his pioneering work in programming languages and the first recipient of the Turing Award.

Alan George "A.G." Lafley     Alan George "A.G." Lafley        Origin/Culture/Country: American
Alan George "A.G." Lafley: is an American businessman who serves as the CEO, President, and the Chairman of the Board of Procter & Gamble. He succeeded Durk Jager in June 2000, after the Board of Directors reportedly pressured Jager to resign [3]. Previously, Lafley had been Presid

Alan Zweibel     Alan Zweibel        Origin/Culture/Country: American
Alan Zweibel: is a producer and writer on such productions as Saturday Night Live, PBS' Great Performances, and It's Garry Shandling's Show.He co-wrote the movie Dragnet and articles for magazines such as Mad, The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly and Esquire.[3][4][dea

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Alan as Last Name

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