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Famous People with Name Josiah

Josiah as First Name
Josiah A. Harris     Josiah A. Harris       Origin/Culture/Country: American
Josiah A. Harris: was the mayor of Cleveland, Ohio in 1847.He was elected mayor 10 years later in 1847. He began to lose interest in the Herald and ended up quitting journalism altogether after the Civil War. He retired to a farm in Rocky River. Harris suffered a series of

Josiah Little Pickard     Josiah Little Pickard       Origin/Culture/Country: American
Josiah Little Pickard: was the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin, 1860-1864, and the sixth President of the University of Iowa, 1878-1887.From 1860 until 1864, Pickard was Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin. During that time he was on the Universi

Josiah Failing     Josiah Failing       Origin/Culture/Country: American
Josiah Failing: was a businessman and the fourth mayor of Portland, Oregon, United States. Born in New York, he moved to Portland when it was still a small town of a few hundred. He and his son Henry, who also became a noted businessman and mayor of the city, started a g

Josiah Zion Gumede     Josiah Zion Gumede       Origin/Culture/Country: Zimbabwean
Josiah Zion Gumede: was the only president of the self-proclaimed, and internationally unrecognised, state of Zimbabwe Rhodesia during 1979, before Rhodesia briefly reverted to British rule until the country's independence as Zimbabwe in 1980.He was at one time General Secretary for the then African Teachers' Association of Rhodesia; a member of the Wankie Disaster Relief Fund's Board of Trustees; a director of the Tribal Trust Land Development Corporation; and a board member of the National Free Library of Rhodesia. He was also an ordained elder of the Presbyterian Church of South Africa.

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