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Agnieszka Name Meaning



Ahg-NYESH-kah, A-gnies-(z)ka, Ag-nies-zka

Meaning of Agnieszka

Pure, Holy, Chaste

Agnieszka Name Origin

Agnieszka name origin
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Actually Agnieszka is a Polish version of greek name Agnes and i think it mean the same: virginal and pure. Derived from the Greek Hagnē, which is from hagnos (chaste, pure, sacred). The name was borne by a thirteen-year-old Roman martyred for her Christian beliefs during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian
Agnieszka also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Australian, French, German, Greek
Famous Name Agnieszka
Agnieszka Pihlava
is a singer who rose to popularity after placing fourth in Idols Finland 2, the Finnish version of Pop Idol.Agnes includes Sonata Arctica, The Rasmus, Europe & Whitesnake as her main musical influences.
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Meaning of Agnieszka in Polish origin/culture for Girl name with history and fame details.