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AY Vah,AH Vah

Meaning of Ava

Like A Bird

Ava Name Origin

Of uncertain origin and meaning, Ava is thought to be a short form of the Germanic Aveza or Avia, which are also of uncertain meaning.
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The name Ava is derived from the Hebrew word for "life" ("chavah").

The Frankish saint Saint Ava was a ninth-century abbess of Dinart in Hainault and a member of the Frankish royal family.

Ava was a 9th century nun, the daughter of Pepin II of Aquitaine.
Ava means water in kurdsih language and its a name used for females Ava was capital of Burma from 1364-1841 founded by King Thadominbya

Ava, Missouri, city in Douglas County, Missouri, United States.

Ava, Illinois, city in Jackson County, Illinois, United States.

Ava, the language code for the Avar language.

Ava Bridge – a 16 span cantilever bridge built by the British in 1934, and the only structure to cross the Ayeyarwady River. Of uncertain origin and meaning, Ava is thought to be a short form of the Germanic Aveza or Avia, which are also of uncertain meaning. Ava is might be a diminutive form of the Germanic Aveza or Avia.
Ava Name also appears in following Origin(s): Afghan, Hebrew, Latin, Germanic, Biblical, Greek, English, Persian, Celtic, Germanic
Ava also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, German, Parsi, Iranian, Latin
Famous Name Ava
Ava Leigh
a British reggae singer from Chester, England.Her song "Mad About the Boy" was featured on the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and her version of "Mas Que Nada" was featured in a 2008 TV commercial for chain store Next's summer clothing range. Her debut four-track EP La La La was released on 5 January 2009[1]. Her debut album [[Rollin']]'s release date is relatively unknown.
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