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Beata Name Meaning



Bee-AH-tah, Bay-AH-tə

Meaning of Beata

Blessed, Blessed Traveller

Beata Name Origin

Beata name origin
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Derived from the Latin beatrix (she who makes happy, she who brings happiness), which is from beātus (happy, blessed). Derived from the Latin beatrix (she who makes happy, she who brings happiness), which is from beātus (happy, blessed). Beata name was come from Saint Beata an early North African martyr. It is derived from the same Latin root word as the Catholic concept of beatification and was thus popular in medieval Europe especially among between Roman Catholics.
Beata also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Czechoslovakian, Finnish, Latin, Swedish
Famous Name Beata
Beata Holub
is a retired Polish high jumper, who competed for her native country at the 1992 Summer Olympics.She finished tenth at the 1991 World Indoor Championships,[1] fourth at the 1991 World Championships[2] and eleventh at the 1992 European Indoor Championships.[3]
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