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Boris name origin
Boris Godunov was a 16th-century Russian tsar and son-in-law of Ivan the Terrible.
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The name was borne by a ninth century ruler of Bulgaria who converted his kingdom to Christianity. Saint Boris (10th century) is known as the patron saint of Moscow. Boris, Borys or Barys is a male name, with Bulgarian roots. It is common in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,Czech Republic, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and other countries Boris Godunov was a 16th-century Russian tsar and son-in-law of Ivan the Terrible.
Boris also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Slavic, Australian, Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Danish
Famous Name Boris
Boris Koyalovich
was a Russian mathematician and chess master.He was a professor of mathematics at the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology.[2][3] In 1930, he developed the special theory of limitants.[4]Koyalovich lived and died in St. Petersburg (also known as Petrograd and Leningrad during his lifetime). He played in many of the city's chess tournaments, taking 4th place in 1901 (Sergey Lebedev won), 3rd in 1902 (Mikhail Chigorin and Alexander Levin won),[5] and 11th in 1903 (Grigory Helbach, Krzyzanowski and Emmanuel Schiffers won). In 1904 he competed at three events, tying for 4-5th in one (Eugene Znosko-Borovsky won), taking 5th in another (Chigorin won), and winning the third. He tied for 4-5th in 1905 (Chigorin won), tied for 8-9th in 1906 (Simon Alapin won), and tied for 5-6th in 1907 (Sergey von Freymann won).[6]
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