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Bringer Of Peace

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Case name origin
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Case also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Australian, English, French, Irish, American
Famous Name Case
Case Broderick
was a U.S. Representative from Kansas.He served as mayor of Holton in 1874 and 1875, and was prosecuting attorney of Jackson County 1876-1880. He was a member of the Kansas Senate 1880-1884. He was appointed by President Arthur as an associate justice of
Wilfrid Case
was a Canadian politician who served as a Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament and Mayor of Owen Sound, Ontario. He is best known for his upset victory over Defence Minister General Andrew McNaughton in the Grey North federal by-election held on February 5, 1945. Case was first elected mayor of Owen Sound in 1942 and was re-elected in 1943 and 1944.[1] He also served as president of the Ontario Mayor's Association as well as a local farmer and insurance broker who had run in Grey North unsuccessfully in the 1940 federal election as a "National Liberal Progressive" against both the Liberal and Conservative candidates, placing third. He had earlier, in 1930 federal election, been an unsuccessful Liberal candidate in DufferinâSimcoe and was a former president of the Owen Sound Liberal Association. During World War II the Liberals and Conservative parties agreed not to run candidates against each other in by-elections and to allow whichever party had held the riding before the by-election to run without opposition. This pact was strained in 1942 when William Lyon Mackenzie King's Liberals allegedly backed Joseph Noseworthy of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (which had refused to agree to the "truce") in his candidacy against new Conservative leader Arthur Meighen who was attempting to enter the House of Commons via a by-election in York South. Noseworthy upset Meighen in the vote leaving the Tories leaderless.
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