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Meaning of Douglas

Black Water.

Douglas Name Origin

Douglas name origin
Douglas was originally a river name, which became a Scottish clan name . It has been used as a name since the 16th century.
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Douglas was formerly used as a girl's name in English during the 17th and 18th centuries, but now it is used for boys. Compound of Dubh, “black” and glas “green, blue, grey.” More in use in Scotland, this Gaelic name was a common title for rivers and may have been used to denote someone who lived near a river. Douglas was originally a river name, which became a Scottish clan name . It has been used as a name since the 16th century.
Douglas Name also appears in following Origin(s): Scottish, Gaelic, Anglo Saxon, Celtic, English, Irish, Shakespearean
Douglas also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Anglo, English, Scottish, Australian
Famous Name Douglas
Douglas Santos
is a Brazilian attacking midfielder. He currently plays for Grêmio .Prior to being signed for Al Wasl FC for $11m, Douglas was owned by two clubs; each owning 50% of his player card, the first club was Corinthians where he used to play before moving to Al
Robert Douglas
is a farm leader and former Winnipeg City Councillor. His political career began in 1982, when was elected to the Winnipeg City Council in a by-election for the Stevenson ward. He ran as an independent, and defeated a candidate of the centre-right Independent Citizens' Election Committee. He was re-elected in 1983, defeating New Democratic Party candidate Jim Maloway by a wide margin. Returned by acclamation in 1986, he was again re-elected for the restructured ward of Grants Mills-Stevenson in 1989. He did not seek re-election in 1992. On council, Douglas served as chairman of the Planning and Community Services Committee. Douglas ran for the Manitoba Liberal Party in the 1995 provincial election, and spoke in favour of single-desk marketing for hog producers during the campaign.
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