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Faryal Name Meaning



Far-ri-all, Far-yal

Meaning of Faryal


Faryal Name Origin

Faryal name origin
My names pronounced Fur-ri-all, its means bunch of flowers.
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Pronounced many different ways one way is Far-yall or fa-re-el. But my name is pronounced Fi-el. Same spelling. My name means "Princess" My name's pronounced Far-ray-all

It means an Angel.
My names pronounced Fur-ri-all, its means bunch of flowers. It means born to give! It's a paki name, means curry. It means butterfly and flowers My name pronounced Farya'al..same spelling


offspring of lion..and princess.
Faryal can be used for both males and females. Generally used for males in Afghanistan and for females in Pakistan and the Arab world. It means angel, princess. It has various other meanings beautiful,enigma, mirage. My name is spelled ferial. It means bird named fer that we see at night.

Faryal also means Angel.
My name is faryal.its meanings are offsprings of lion or the neck's sharp hairs of horse. Faryal is in fact a "for of ferial" which was first used in Egypt as a male name given to the Mohammad Ali's royal family first son's born...and the meaning of it is LIGHT,it is also an Persian Turkish word which also mean light and is also used in Italy from ages as meaning LIGHT,RADIANCE Faryal means a lions hair or a lions famliy. Faryal means angel

My name is spelt faryal and it means angel, its a persian name. My name is Faryal and its a persian name meaning as a girl having beautyfull neck It also means family of lion.its also pronounce as Farial.. It is a arabic name it means beauty,bunch of flowers,angle,born to give,princess.In Arabic it is a type of oyster. In other parts of the world it can mean "beautiful," "enigma," "mirage," "tulips," or "bouquet of flowers." In persian Faryal means lions roar. It can also mean angel. Faryal is pronounced, FAR-RAY-AL.In parsi it means "lions roar". Name is pronounced as Fa-ri-yal. and it means Angel,Princess, Bunch of Flowers. It means "beautiful and someone that has a beautiful voice".
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