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Fizza name origin
It means 'silver' in Arabic. The name's original roots are also Arabic.
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The meaning of the name is Silver that is in arabic and in Urdu its meaning is wind, spring. The meaning of Fiza is "silver" I think meaning of fizza is silver The name fizza means "WIND" It means 'silver' in Arabic. The name's original roots are also Arabic. It means hard and strong

Fizza also means storm. Fizza means wind in urdu and in arabic its a goldish-silverish. Fiza means wide open heart MY NAME IS FIZZA AND IT MEANS SILVER

The word FIZA in urdu means wind, atmosphere ect. The word FIZZA means Silver. Fizza is a beautiful name which means wind. My name is fizza.Fizza means silver. Name fizza means pearl(moti) It means Silver Fizza means love Fizza Mean Chand Ki Chandni /Ya Silver Fizza means silver

My name is Fizza.The word 'fiza' is used in the Quran which means silver (chandi) also in urdu it means wind the word 'fizza' is also used in the Quran where it means "the one who increases" (barhane walla). It means Moon's light. Fizza mean silver. Fizza means wind too. Fizza in Urdu refers to the fresh spring air.
Fizza also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Arabic, Australian
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