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Yellow Hair

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Flavia name origin
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Flavia is an Ancient Roman name meaning “blonde” from the Latin word “flavus”, meaning “golden, blonde”.So,This name means "Crowned with Gold".. Flavia is an Ancient Roman name meaning “blonde” from the Latin word “flavus”, meaning “golden, blonde”. It is a feminine form of the Roman family nameFlavius. The name is most commonly used in Italy, France, Romania, Brazil (Portuguese: Flávia) and in Sp The name was borne by several saints, including 1st century Flavia Domitilla, who was a daughter of Domitilla the Younger.
Flavia also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Latin, Australian, Dutch, French, German
Famous Name Flavia
Flavia Pennetta
is an Italian professional tennis player.She has won six career Women's Tennis Association singles titles, all but one on clay courts, including back-to-back titles in Bogotá and Acapulco in 2005. Her maiden title came in 2004, when she won the title in Sopot, beating Czech Klára Koukalová in the final in three sets. She and her Italian team mates Mara Santangelo, Francesca Schiavone and Roberta Vinci beat the Belgium team 3â2 in the 2006 Fed Cup final.
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