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Gad meaning

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Gender :
Meaning of Gad :

Jacob’s Son

Origin of name Gad :
Gad Numerology :
Personality No. 11. People with the name Gad tend to be charismatic, cooperative, intuitive, and have a pleasing personality with a gentle manner. Person with name Gad having 11 as Personality number work hard to gain confidence and overcome in-born shyness. As a child, and into your early twenties, nervous energy may have caused you to bite your nails or express your nervousness in other ways. You are extremely sensitive and intuitive.
Rhyming Names of Gad: 
Gad with popular Jewish Surnames:

Gad Stefani,   Gad Ray,   Gad Ogden,   Gad Steel,   Gad Ashley


More About Jewish Name : Gad

  • Variant is Gadi. In the Old Testament Gad was the first son of Jacob by Leah's slave-girl Zilpah, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of the Israelites

  • Variant is Gadi. In the Old Testament Gad was the first son of Jacob by Leah's slave-girl Zilpah, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of the Israelites

  • Variant is Gadi. In the Old Testament Gad was the first son of Jacob by Leah's slave-girl Zilpah, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of the Israelites

Famous Name Gad

  • Gad Yaacobi

    was an Israeli Minister, Alignment Knesset member, and Israel Ambassador to the United Nations.From 1960 to 1961 he served as an assistant to the Agriculture Minister of Israel, and from 1961 to 1966 as head of the Center for Planning and Economic Development in the Agriculture Ministry, appointed by Moshe Dayan.


  • Gottlieb Gad

    was a Danish publisher and bookseller who, in 1855, founded what became one of Denmark's largest publishing companies, Gads Forlag (English: Gad's Publishing Company). Gad was affiliated with the University of Copenhagen and in 1882 he was appointed university bookseller. He was an important factor in the publication of Nordisk Konversationsleksikon (Nordisk Conversations-Lexikon) (English: Nordic Encyclopedia) and the Danish author J.P. Trap's well-known series of topographical handbooks. The company specialised in theology, law and history, as well as university textbooks and non-fiction, including Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen (English: Weekly Journal of Jurisprudence) and Danmarks Statistik (English: Denmark's Statistics). In 1897, the Danish architect Vilhelm Klein designed a new office for the company, which was built on Vimmelskaftet street in Copenhagen.


Gad also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Biblical, Australian, French, German, Hebrew

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  • What does the name Gad mean? :

    Baby boy name meaning Jacob’s Son in Jewish. Gad also named in Biblical, Australian, French, German, Hebrew for boy . We have received lots of suggestion from our website users on baby names. We are thankful for all the contribution on meaning of boy name Gad. What does the name Gad mean in other origin if you know then please suggest. Further suggestion or detail on what is the meaning of name Gad. History of name and famous personality with Gad will help to update our database and other website users.

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