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Jamil meaning

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Origin of name Jamil :
Jamil Numerology :
Personality No. 8. People with the name Jamil are bold & materialistic but rigid too. They have strong will power. They love power, authority & leadership. Person with name Jamil having 8 as Personality number are good planners & very good at business. They are analytical, intellectual & determined. They are religious, efficient, trustworthy & compassionate. They are tenacious, & ambitious. More Numerology
Variant Baby Names of Jamil:

Jamal, Jamila

Rhyming Names of Jamil: 
Jamil with popular German Surnames:

Jamil Leitner,   Jamil Schulze,   Jamil Quandt,   Jamil Flemming,   Jamil Popp

Popularity Rank :

Jamil was ranked top 660 in American in year 1974 and most recently ranked 1152 in American in year 2012 More about rank of Jamil

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Famous Name Jamil

  • Jamil Al-Zahawi

    was a prominent Iraqi poet and philosopher. He is regarded as one of the greatest contemporary poets of the Arab world and was known for his defense of women's rights.During the Ottoman era he held numerous positions: as a member of the Baghdad Education


Jamil also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Afghan, African, American, Arabic, Hindu

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