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Meaning of Laila

In Scandinavian meaning is : Night.
See also in American , Arabic , Hebrew , Pashtun , Farsi , Finnish , Swedish , Parsi for meaning.

Laila Name Origin

Laila name origin
Laila means night sky ( dark blue)
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The girl's name Laila is of Arabic origin and variant of LAYLA; its meaning is "night; night beauty". Usually refers to dark hair or a dark complexion. This was the name of the object of romantic poems written by the 7th-century poet known as Qays. The story of Qays and Layla became a popular romance in medieval Arabia and Persia. Laily comes from Laila & it one of it's meanings is "night beauty"

I'm proud of my unique Arabic name
It's pronounced Lie-lah i know I love having the name Laila. It is beautiful and has many meanings in different cultures, most refer to the night, darkness, and the beauty of the night. Except in Finnish, which is my heritage, where it means Light. Laila means night sky ( dark blue) This name indicate lady who has dark hair and complexion It also has these meanings a kind of flower, looking of the moon at first arabic months. Laila is popular as a baby girl name, and it is also regarded as trendy. The name has been increasing in popularity since the 1990s; prior to that, it was of infrequent use only.
Laila Name also appears in following Origin(s): Persian, Danish, Muslim, Swahili, African
Laila also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Scandinavian, American, Arabic, Australian, Danish
Famous Name Laila
Laila Reiertsen
is a Norwegian politician from Hordaland, residing in Os representing the Progress Party (FrP). In the 2009 parliamentary election she won Hordaland's leveling seat, becoming her party's fourth representative in that county.Reiertsen joined the Progress Party already in 1980, when she was twenty years old, and in 1987 became chairman of the Os chapter of the party. She finished her education as a nurse in 1995.
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