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Meaning of Ludwig

Renowned Warrior.

Ludwig Name Origin

Ludwig name origin
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Alternative spelling of Lodwig. Lodwig was the name of three Merovingian kings of the Franks as well as several Carolingian kings and Holy Roman Emperors.
Ludwig also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Australian, British, Chinese, Danish
Famous Name Ludwig
Ludwig Külz
was a German colonial physician who was born in Borna. He was a twin brother to liberal politician Wilhelm Külz (1875-1948). Ludwig Külz earned his medical doctorate in 1899, and became a doctor with the German Imperial Navy. From 1902 until 1912 he was a colonial doctor in Togo and Kamerun. In Africa he was tasked with dealing with the problem of malaria. With ophthalmologist Alfred Leber (1881-1954), he was part of a mission to German New Guinea in 1913-14, where he worked with tropical diseases and performed research concerning the high mortality rate of the local population. Also on this expedition was artist Emil Nolde (1867-1956), who created ethnographic paintings of New Guinea.
Wilhelm Frederick Ludwig
was a German physician known for his 1836 publication on the condition now known as Ludwig's angina. At the age of 10, he was sent to attend the Latin school at Markgröningen. Ludwig showed promise in medicine at an early age, and at 14, he went to Neuenburg to continue his classical studies while beginning to study medicine under a surgeon. Ludwig received a certificate of proficiency in 1807, whereupon he went on to study surgery, medicine, and obstetrics at the University of Tübingen. His performance was so exemplary that he was awarded a gold medal by King Frederick I in 1809âbefore graduatingâfor the advancement of surgery. In July 1811, Ludwig received his doctorate.
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Meaning of Ludwig in Swiss origin/culture for Boy name with history and fame details.