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Melchior Name Meaning



Mel-(c)hior, me-lchi-or, MEHL Kee Or

Meaning of Melchior

King, City

Melchior Name Origin

Melchior name origin
This name derived from the words 'melk' meaning king ; 'quart' meaning city. This is the Hebrew name of one of the three Magi or Wise Men in the Bible.
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This name derived from the words 'melk' meaning king ; 'quart' meaning city. This is the Hebrew name of one of the three Magi or Wise Men in the Bible. Its origin is Old Persian.Biblical name derived from the words 'melk' meaning king ; 'quart' meaningcity. This is the Hebrew name of one of the three Magi or Wise Men in theBible. Malchior, Malkior, Melchiorre(Italian), Melchor (Spanish), Melker(Scandinav  Melchior is used chiefly in the English, German, Hungarian, andPolish languages. Its origin is OldPersian. Biblical name derived from the words 'melk' meaning king ; 'quart' meaning city. This is the Hebrew name of one of the three Magi or Wise Menin the Bible. Malchior (Polish), Malkior,Melcher (Polish), Melchiorre (Italian),Melchor (Spanish), Melker(Scandinavian), and Melkior are variants of Melchior.
Melchior also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Australian, British, Danish, English, Finnish
Famous Name Melchior
Melchior Klesl
was an Austrian statesman and cardinal of the Roman Catholic church during the time of the Counter-Reformation. Klesl was appointed Bishop of Vienna in 1598 and elevated to cardinal in 1616.impressed by the vigour and success of his campaign against Protestantism, entrusted him with the work of the Counter-Reformation, which became his life work. Klesl brought back into the fold the cities of Baden, Krems, and Stein, though not without great difficulty, nor indeed without actual risk of his life. In 1585 he was made imperial councillor by Rudolf II, who three years later appointed him court chaplain and administrator of the Diocese of Wiener Neustadt. It took him but a very short time to restore the Catholic rule in this thoroughly disorganized bishopric. He was compelled in doing so to be constantly on his guard against the monastic council, which, in a memorial on the subject, he calls, "the cause of all evil, the champion of godless prelates and priests against their bishop, a parasite".
Hans Melchior
was a Danish Naturalist. He was the author of Den danske Stats og Norges Pattedyr (The mammals of the Danish state and Norway), published posthumously in 1834.
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