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Famous Name Miho
Miho Iwata
a performance artist, scenographer and choreographer. In 1986 she emigrated to Kraków, Poland, where she presently lives and works. Her work is performed at theater and arts festivals throughout Poland and abroad.Her first Kraków performance was the piece Legs of pigeon presented at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Kraków in 1994. It was represented in 1995 at the Flying Art Festival at an abandoned factory in Solvay. This event was also the first large scale rave in Kraków. She followed this with the scenic works Granat, in 1996 The moon and fish neck in 1998, both at the Krzysztofory gallery. In 2001 she premiered Utsusemi at the Festival Rozdroze, in the Ujazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Centre in Warsaw.
Nakayama Miho
an actress, model, and a former J-pop idol singer.She was born in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan, the older sister of another J-pop singer, Shinobu Nakayama. She made her J-pop debut on 21 June 1985. She also starred in a Famicom Disk System dating sim titled Naka
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Meaning of Miho in Japanese origin/culture for Girl name with history and fame details.