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Molly Name Meaning



Meaning of Molly
Bitterness, Sorrow
Star Of He Sea
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Variant & Rhyming Names

Variant Baby Names of molly:

Moll, Mollee, Molley, Molli And Mollie. Moll,  Mollee,  Molley

Rhyming Names of Molly: 

Dolly, Holly, Jolly, Polly, Solly, Tolly

More About Irish Name : Molly

  • Molly (band), a Swedish band mixing ska and Irish folk music.

    Molly (film), a 1999 by John Duigan.

  • Molly is a female nickname, once a pet-name for Mary or Margaret.

    Molly written or translate

    In French - Molie

    In German - Mollie

    In Italian - Molia

    In Norwegian - Ollie

    In Polish - Mólen

    In Portuguese - Molía

    In Spanish - Molia

    Molly dance, a form of English Morris dance

  • The name Molly has been in use since the Middle ages as a pet name for Mary, though it is now also used independently.

Molly also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Australian, British, Danish, Dutch

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Famous Name Molly

  • Molly Blackburn

    was a South African anti-apartheid activist, political activist, civil rights campaigner and politician, widely respected by both blacks and whites.She joined the Black Sash, an activist group founded in 1955 by six women (Jean Sinclair, Elizabeth McLaren, Ruth Foley, Tertia Pybus, Jean Bosazza and Helen Newton-Thompson), but eventually left due to what she perceived as the Sash's "inactivity".In 1981 she started her political career by winning the Provincial Council seat of Walmer, Port Elizabeth, for the Progressive Federal Party (PFP). Di Bishop, who would become a life-long friend and fellow activist also won a council seat that year. Di Bishop had joined the Black Sash in 1978 and Molly returned to the order in 1982 with a lot of ideas of her own [2]



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