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Meaning of Owen

In American meaning is : Well born
See also in Celtic , Welsh , Greek , Irish , Jamaican , Swedish for meaning.

Owen Name Origin

Owen name origin
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Owen Tudor was the grandfather of English king Henry VII. He caused a scandal by marrying widowed English queen Catherine of Valois. A name of uncertain derivation. Some believe it to be from the Welsh oen (lamb). Others feel it is from the Gaelic Loghunn (youth), and yet another suggestion is that it is the Welsh form of the Latin Eugenius (well-born, noble). Owen is an anglicized form of the Welsh name Owain, and may appear as both as a personal name and as a surname. Owen is a cognate with Eugene meaning noble-born. Owain is modern version of Owen, Owen Tudor was the grandfather of English king Henry VII. He caused a scandal by marrying widowed English queen Catherine of Valois.
Owen Name also appears in following Origin(s): Celtic, Irish, Gaelic, Welsh
Owen also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Celtic, Australian, Welsh, Danish
Famous Name Owen
Owen Archdeacon
is a Scottish former footballer.Archdeacon began his career with local side Gourock United before signing for Celtic in August 1982. A versatile player, he was usually employed at left back, although he was equally happy anywhere in defence. An injury dented his confidence however and he became a peripheral figure at Celtic Park in his last few seasons.
Scott Owen
After playing the piano for many years, he decided that the keys would not work for a rockabilly band, so at age 17 he purchased and taught himself double bass, letting him play rockabilly with best friend and band mate, Chris Cheney.During their live shows, Owen is known for pulling his "bass stunts", most notably standing on the bass (or letting Chris Cheney stand on it), tilting it on an angle, resting his right foot on the curve by the f-hole and his left foot over the belly of the bass near the bottom of the fingerboard.
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