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Meaning of Saima

Fasting Woman

Saima Name Origin

Saima name origin
Saima means a fasting girl (a girl who practices retrains in the way of allah
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In Finland Saima is a lake famous for it's beauty. Saima is the name of the famous Finnish poet Saima Harje. It is an old Turkish name originating from Central Asia.. Saima is derived from Sayam, which implies fasting. Saima means a fasting girl (a girl who practices restrains in the way of Allah) Saima means a fasting girl (a girl who practices retrains in the way of allah Saima means a fasting girl, a girl who is poius and loyal to God performing her duty of fasting as suggested by GOD. Saima means fasting girl(a girl who practices retrains in the of Allah) Saima means a fasting women that means should patient enough to obey allah with full of eman Saima also means temple in Urdu language. Now Saima has two different meanings "fasting" in Arabic and "temple" in Urdu.
Saima also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Afghan, Arabic, Australian, Danish, Finnish
Famous Name Saima
Saima Harmaja
was a Finnish poet and writer. She is known for her tragic life and early death, which are reflected in her sensitive poems.At the age of 15, Harmaja contracted the lung disease tuberculosis. There were good seasons and bad seasons, and in April 1937 she died at the age of 23.
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