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Sophie meaning



Meaning of Sophie
Origin of name Sophie
Numerology Number
of Name Sophie
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of Name Sophie
/SO-fee/, /so-FEE/ or /ZO-fee/
of Name Sophie
Sophie is derived from the name Sophia (a French name). Sophia comes from sophos, a Greek term for wisdom. It is also related to the religious term Hagia Sophia or Holy Wisdom.
of Name Sophie
Sophia was a noted name among the noble women of the 17th century. The name became common after Saint Sophia who stood up for her faith during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Nowadays, Sophie is mainly a French name, with emphasis on its latter syllable rather than the first. It is used as a nickname to those with the name Isabella.
Popular In
England and Wales, Australia, Canada, Austria, Ireland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and Switzerland
Information about the
Name of Sophie
While the name is from French, the most common pronunciation for it is the Americanized version, where the emphasis is on the first syllable. It's also a common name used in English children's book.
Personality about the
Name of Sophie
Saint Sophia is a 2nd Century martyr from Italy. She named her three daughters Faith, Hope and Charity. Sophie Tucker is an early 20th century entertainer born in Ukrania. She's an actress, radio personality, singer, and comedian most famous for her comical songs. Sophie, Countess of Wessex is the wife of the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, who is the youngest son of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II.

More About German Name : Sophie

  • Sophie is the French form of Sophia. In English speaking countries, Sophie has often been regarded as a diminutive of "Sophia", but it has also frequently been given as a name in its own right, especially in the United Kingdom where it has been consistently popular since the 1960s. Like Sophia, it originates from the Greek, meaning "wisdom."

  • Sophie means Wisdom, she is first to try everthing and is skilled in many different ways

  • A borrowing from the Greek, Sophia is directly derived from sophia (wisdom, skill).

  • The name has been in common use in England since the 17th century, when it was bestowed upon the infant daughter of James I.

Famous Name Sophie

  • Sophie Koh

    a singer and songwriter based in Australia.she grew up in New Zealand and in Singapore. Based in Melbourne, she headed north to Darwin after finishing university, where she won Triple J's Unearthed contest in 2003. Returning to Melbourne, she launched her debut album "All The Pretty Boys" in 2005. Sophie is regularly asked to play high profile events in Melbourne and around Australia. She performed the national anthem live from Caulfield Raceway (Super Saturday) in March 2007. It was broadcast live on Channel 7, and syndicated on many other networks. Koh is also a qualified optometrist.


Variant and Rhyming Names

Variant Baby Names of Sophie:

Sofie, Sophia SofieSophy (English), Sofia (Catalan), Sonya (Russian), So?a (Slovak), Sonja (Slovene), Vivi (Swedish), Zs?fika (Hungarian), Zosia (Polish), Sofiya (Ukrainian)

Rhyming Names of Sophie: 

Sophie with popular German Surnames

Sophie Rothschild,   Sophie Klose,   Sophie F,   Sophie Reimer,   Sophie Schubert

Sophie also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Australian, British, Chinese, Danish

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  • What does the name Sophie mean? :

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