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Meaning of Terence
Terence Name Origin

The name was used in Ireland as an Anglicized form of TOIRDHEALBHACH, but it was not in use as an English name until the late 19th century.

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Variant Baby Names of terence:

ArrayTarrants, Tarrance, Tarrence, Tarrenz, Terencio, Terrance, Terrence, Terrey, Terri, Terris

More About British Name : Terence

  • The name was used in Ireland as an Anglicized form of TOIRDHEALBHACH, but it was not in use as an English name until the late 19th century.

Terence Name also appears in following Origin(s): Latin, English, Irish, Norse

Terence also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Australian, Chinese, English, French

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Famous Name Terence

  • Terence Judd

    was an outstanding 20th century English pianist who died young, poised on the verge of a musical career.Terence Judd was born in 1957 of English-American parents. In 1967, aged 10, he won the National Junior Pianoforte Competition, and he came to the attention of Eileen Joyce, who supported and encouraged him.[2] Known particularly for his championship of virtuosic romantic works, above all the music of Franz Liszt, he brought a characteristic exuberance and clarity of expression to his performances; and his recordings bear witness to that. His renditions of Alberto Ginastera's Piano Sonata No.1 and Samuel Barber's Piano Sonata remain as milestones for other pianists, and his memorable performances of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 and Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3, which he played back-to-back in the finals of the 1978 Tchaikovsky Competition, are among the most exciting of these well-known virtuosic works.


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