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Meaning of Xitllali

Goddess Of The Moon.

Xitllali Name Origin

Xitllali name origin
You can also spell it "Xitlalic"
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The meanig for this name is an long beautiful ancient aztec princess. so nice and thoughtful You can also spell it "Xitlalic" My daughter name is Xitlali and it means a beautiful Aztec Goddess. Meaning 'Star' and is spelled 'Xitlali' one 'l' Flowered star of Gods spelling Xiclaly Xitlali (citlali) means star one L. Xitlalic means goddess of the moon. Means beautiful princess. Ixchel means goddess of the moon. Xitllali, Priestess of Aztatlan The meaning is: Aztec godess/princess of the stars, or creator of the stars, nothing about the moon It means flowered star Light of the sunrise or sunset It means godess of the stars Xcitlaly means princess of all stars and my parents spelled it differently (Chitlaly) Citlali, derived from Citlalan menaing 'lugar donde abundan las estrellas'...Citlali, being a star.

My name Xitlally means queen(goddess) of the sun. Xitlalic mean Goddess of Moon.

Citlali mean star.

The way you spell it gives a different meaning. Xochitl is the aztec princess, but the truth to the name is the most beautiful aztec flower, when the princess was born she was named after the flower.

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Xitlali is the right way to spell it.Meaning Star Citlalli means morning star (Citlalli) means star so there for it would be goddess of the stars nothing with the moon or sun. Xitllali has different ways of spellings just like my name Zitlalli alos citlali This name truly mean the star of the morning and she was an aztec princess there is about 16 letters to this name. Xitllai was the first female Aztec warrior. My name means the queen of flowers or the queen of the moon. Goddess of the stars.
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