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Meaning of Zainab

Name Of Prophet's Daughter

Zainab Name Origin

Zainab name origin
Zainab is Prophet Mohammed's daughter

its a really holy name
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Zainab is derived from the Arabic name of a fragrant flowering plant. Zainab was the name of a daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. I like the meaning of Zainab that comes from the Flower line. Although this name is of the Arabic origin, I myself am an embassador of Jesus Christ. I am a thorougho bread disciple of Jesus Christ!

"Blossoming Flower" or "Sweet Fragrance" is Zainab's meaning and rightfully so especially if you are a child of God (through Jesus Christ!
Zainab is Prophet Mohammed's daughter

its a really holy name
Zainab is not Prophet Mohammed's daughter but grand-daughter (daughter of Lady Fatima Zehra). It means 'Father's pride'. Yes the origin of the name "Zainab" is clearly indicated - while the meaning is still not expressed in detail - saying "fathers pride" would not be sufficeint unless a few statements offered with example. How ever this site is just beautiful and interesting. I thank you for providing such good facilities, Zainab was also one of the daughters of Mohammad (SAWS) besides being the name of his grand daughter as well It means 'father's pride' Zainab is Prophet Mohammed's daughter It means ‘precious jewel of the father’ as in ‘zain’ meaning ‘precious jewel’ and ‘ab’ meaning ‘father’ Zainab is an Arabic female given name. It means 'a fragrant flowering plant', 'Desert Flower' or 'an ornamented tree". It is believed to be a modification of Zenubia, a pre-Islam Syrian queen.

"Sayyeda Zainab(SA)", is not only grand daughter of Prophet Mohammed. "Sayyeda Zainab(SA)" is daughter of Hazrat Ali(ASM)and Bibi Fatima Zehra(SA). "Sayyeda Zainab(SA)" is Sister of Imam Hussain(ASM). "Sayyeda Zainab" (SA), the sage of Bani Hashim. Zainab is the name of the prophet Muhammad daughter. Zainab was the name of Prophet Muhammad (SA)'s wife, daughter and grand daughter. Its the name of a tree in heaven that exudes a fragrance. Zainab means a beautiful tree with fragrance also the daughter of the prophet mohammed (saw). Zainab means a beautiful flower.

Zainab means "fathers beauty" and girls with the name Zainab are usually extremely beautiful. It is the name of the prophet's daughter and also the name of the fragrant flower.Its the father's pride and also its a unique name. Zainab means the "fragrant plant" and It was also the name of Prophet Muhammad.'s daughter. The baby girl name Zainab comes from the Indian word which means, "Name of Prophet's daughter."
Zainab Name also appears in following Origin(s): Scandinavian
Zainab also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Arabic, African, American, Australian, Afghan
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