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Zohaib Name Meaning




Meaning of Zohaib

Leader , King

Zohaib Name Origin

Zohaib name origin
Zohaib means king
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Zohaib/Zoheb is dreived from the Arabic work ZAHAB, which simply means Gold. Zohaib means peace of gold Zohaib means king Zohaib means Ocean Of Knowledge Ocean Of Knowledge Meaning of zohaib is

" sum of two powers"
Zohaib means "King" "Lord" Zohaib name itself indicates the strength and the meaning is really unmatched. Zohaib means "Gold" for Arabs and "Leader" Zohaib means"king of hearts" ZOHAIB means something that gliters more than gold and also the ocean of knowledge. Zohaib means Ocean of knowledge Zohaib means sunehra Zohaib is beautiful name means very decent and charming zohaib is islamic name Zohaib means peace of gold Zohaib means Bright and its an Arabic name. Zohaib means all power with him

Zohaib is nice name it means king ZOHAIB means SHINING and OCEAN OF KNOWLDGE Zuhaib is a islamic name means of zuhaib is VERY BEAUTIFUL" Zohiab means a beautiful person It means lord of the kings Zohaib have 3 meaning

zohaib arabic means is pure gold

zohaib urdu means is smily face

zohaib persian means is beautifull face
Zohaib means,A person,who create difference between right and wrong. Zohaib meaning is gold Zohaib means "strength" "lord" "king of hearts" its a loving name and has definitely got an impact on the personality of the person Zohaib means love peace ZOHAIB means charming and ocean of knowledge "Zohaib Mean Gold also mean Ocean of Knowledge" Zohaib means some thing giltering more than gold Zohaib means something worth more than gold and also the ocean of knowledge Zohaib mean's to show the right path. Zohaib is an Arabic name which means "Ocean of knowledge" Meaning of Zuhaib is "Piece of Gold" in Arabic . Zohaib means gold or leader. Zohaib means Leader, King of Hearts. When two powerful things collapse and form a huge thing it is called Zohaib Zoheb means dry date(sukha khajur) Zohaib means" shining and to bring light."

Zohaib also appears in following countries/origins/languages: Arabic, Australian, Pashtun
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Meaning of Zohaib in Muslim origin/culture for Boy name with history and fame details.