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Brenda Wairimu – Kenyan Actress and Model

Date 2017-02-08

As a well-known Kenyan actress, Brenda Wairimu got her start on the television show Changing Times in 2009. However, she is known for her various roles in many different television shows, like the soap opera Mali. She was cast as one of the lead characters - Lulu the happy and fun daughter of Mabel and Gregory Mali.


Wairimu was born and raised in Mombasa, which is located in Kenya. She attended USIU and studied International Business Management. Then, she decided to pursue a career in acting and become a model, picking up roles in Kenya.


In 2012, she played a key role in the Pan-African drama called Shuga, where she was a young communications student. She has also been in Kona as a regular actress in the series and Skandals kibao as Kiki. In 2016, Brenda Wairimu was named one of the most influential Kenyans by Africa’s reputable and leading media and PR firm, Avance Media together with Jagari Designs.


The name Brenda is probably a feminine version of the Old Norse name Brandr, which means “torch” and “sword”. During the middle ages, the name was brought to Britain. Some think that the name is a feminine version of Brendan, which is taken from Brendanus that is the Latinized form of Breanainn an Irish name that was taken from the Welsh word that means “prince”. There are many notable people with the name, from Brenda Benet the actress to Brenda Romero the American game designer.

Brenda Meaning

Name :


Meaning of Brenda :
"Torch" and "Sword"
Origin of name Brenda :

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