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Edwin Dande – Kenyan Businessman

Date 2017-02-06

As the CEO and managing partner at Cytonn Investments Management, Edwin Dande is hard at work expanding the business beyond Kenya. In order to offer more to the global institutional investor, the company is diversifying to many other eastern African countries, like South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.


Furthermore, the business focuses on a diaspora platform that serves the Kenyan market, especially those in the United States investing in Kenya. However, Dande feels that it can serve much more people around the world, from Rwandans to Canadians. Moreover, many Kenyans also want to invest back into their homeland.


The company manages assets, from helping institutions to individuals grow their wealth. Dande wants to help both businesses and individuals invest their money to grow their business or to earn a return on their investment, respectively. However, it is much more than just the money or the return, it's also about boosting economies. In 2016, Edwin Dande was named one of the most influential Kenyans by Africa’s reputable and leading media and PR firm, Avance Media together with Jagari Designs.


The masculine name Edwin means “rich friend” taken from the Old English elements ead that means “wealth or fortune” and wine that means “friend”. The name was given to the 7th-century Northumbrian king, who was thought of as a saint. The name was not that popular after the Norman conquest. However, it was revived in the 19th century. The name is given to many notable people, like the astronaut Edwin Aldrin, who is known as “Buzz”.

Edwin Meaning

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Meaning of Edwin :
Shepard's son. Edwin was the king of Northumbria who was converted to Christianity (585-633) Astronaut Edwin Aldrin , also known as Buzz, the second man to walk on the moon.
Origin of name Edwin :

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