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Thai Huong – Vietnamese Business Woman

Date 2017-02-03

As the chairman of TH Group / Bac A Bank in Vietnam, Thai Huong is attempting to revamp the dairy industry. Thai is attempting to switch over to liquid from powdered milk, and purchased a dairy farm in Russia. She invested around $2.7 billion into agriculture, putting $500 into the dairy farm with a goal to end up with a herd of 350,000 cows.


The Vietnam National Nutrition Institute states that many customers can’t tell the difference between different types of dairy products on the market. Both foreign and domestic experts highlight the trend of using more milk in Vietnam. This gave Thai the confidence to introduce three new milk products to the local market.


She also founded Bac A Bank, which is a joint-stock commercial bank that serves as the financial and investment consultant for TH Group. In 2015, TH Group made a profit of $45 million and a revenue around $215 million. Huong is busy at work running her companies and is a majority shareholder in both organizations. In 2016, Thai Huong was named one of Asia’s 50 most powerful and influential business women by Forbes magazine.


Thai is a family name that means “big, fat or great” in Vietnamese. The feminine name Huong is taken from the Sino-Vietnamese character   that means “fragrant”. While other believe it is a variant of the masculine name Hong that is taken from the Sino-Vietnamese   that means “red” or “pink”. Still, others believe it is the Vietnamese version of Xiang.

Huong Meaning

Name :


Meaning of Huong :
fragrance, perfume | rose flower or pink color | enjoy.
Origin of name Huong :

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