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/ THEE-ə-dawr/
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Canada, England and Wales, New Zealand, and The United States
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Because of its religious roots, the name Theodore has been a common name among Christian saints. In fact, there is currently over 28 of them.
Famous People with
Name Theodore :
Theodore Roosevelt is the 26th President of the United States. He had founded the Bull Moose Party, placing important influence towards its direction from 1912 to 1916. He was also the first president to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Theodore Long is a WWE wrestler-turned-into-manager or referee. He was the first African-American general manager of WWE program Smackdown. Theodore Maiman is a scientist who was the inventor of the first functional laser, having been inspired by a paper on the theoretical laser. He has also earned a Nobel Prize nomination twice.
Variant Names of Theodore:

Fedor, Feodor, Fyodor, Teador, Ted, Teddie, Teddy, Tedor, Teodoor, Teodor, Teodoro, Theo, Fedor, Feodor, Fyodor, Teador, Ted, Teddie, Teddy, Tedor, Teodoor, Teodor, Teodoro, Theo, , Fedor, Feodor, Fyodor, Teador, Ted, Teddie, Teddy, Tedor, Teodoor, Teodor, Teodoro, Theo, , Theodora, Teador, Tedor

Tudor (Welsh), Teodoro (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian), Teodors (Latvian), Teos (Polish), Fjodor (Russian), Tedik (Czech)

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Theodore name was top ranked at 67 position in American during year 1930and most recently ranked at 99 position in American during year 2015


Name Theodore has been Most Popular throughout the last hundred plus years and ranked at 318 position. 225674 numbers of people were named Theodore so far in last 100 years. (SSA) More about rank of Theodore

Theodore Numerology :
Personality No. 5. People with name Theodore love freedom. They are intellectuals & may be creative but can’t manage money well. They may overindulge in intoxicants, sex or gambling. Person with Theodore having 5 as Personality number love traveling & also like change & adventure. They love socializing. They are versatile & astute. They are functional, resourceful & decisive. More Numerology

More About Name : Theodore

  • From the Greek (Theodoros), signifying "gift of god", from (theos)"god" and(doron) "gift".

    Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States 1901-9, and the Teddy bear was named after him.

    Theodore was a pre-Christian name borne by many learned men in ancient Greece, including the ironically-named Theodorus the Atheist. There have been various saints named Theodore, and two popes.

  • A borrowing from the English, Theodore is from the Latin Theodorus, which is from the Greek Theodoros (God's gift), a compound name composed of the elements theos (God) and daron (gift). Tewdwr is the Welsh form of the name

  • A borrowing from the English, Theodore is from the Latin Theodorus, which is from the Greek Theodoros (God's gift), a compound name composed of the elements theos (God) and daron (gift). Tewdwr is the Welsh form of the name

  • Name is derived from the Greek name Theodoros, Which is made by composed meaning Theos means God and Doron means Gift.

Name Analysis of Theodore

Character Analysis of Theodore : Persons with the name Theodore, play the role of the peacemaker behind the scenes, and this gives them excellent diplomatic abilities. Balance and equilibrium are their focus as their greatest successes comes through playing a supportive role and being the mediator.

Love Life of Theodore : Persons are certainly one of the most passionate Persons on the planet and indeed are among the least intimately lives.

Name Letter Analysis of Theodore

T : Persons like life in the fast lane

H : Persons are a visionary, but they also tend to make a lot of money and lose it fast

E : Persons are freedom-loving, sensual and enthusiastic

O : Persons know where the moral high ground is, and always try to take it

D : Persons are grounded and pragmatic

O : Persons know where the moral high ground is, and always try to take it

R : Persons feel things strongly and their rich, intense inner life emanates outward

E : Persons are freedom-loving, sensual and enthusiastic

Astrological (Vedic) Aspect of Name Theodore

Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Theodore is Tula and Moon sign associated with the name Theodore is Libra.

The name Theodore has Air element. Venus is the Ruling Planet for the name Theodore . The name Theodore having moon sign as Libra is represented by The Scales and considered as Cardinal .

Normally, people with the name Theodore have an attractive personality. They tackle the most difficult situations with ease. Such people are fine strategists.

Other name options, having Libra moon sign are name starting with : Ra, Re, Ri, Ru, Ro, Taa, Ti, Tu,Te, Tea, To, Th, Tr, Tv, Tw, Ty.

Famous Name Theodore

  • Theodore Boyd

    was an Australian artist.Penleigh Boyd was a member of the Boyd artistic dynasty: his parents Arthur Merric Boyd (1862-1940) and Emma Minnie Boyd (ne Beckett) were well-known artists of the day, and his brothers included Merric Boyd the ceramacist (1888-1959) and the novelist Martin Boyd (1893-1972). His son Robin Boyd (1919-1971) was a noted writer and architectural critic, and his nephews Arthur Boyd and David Boyd became prominent artists.


  • Nick Theodore

    was a State representative from 1963 to 1966 and 1970 to 1978, a South Carolina state senator from 1967 to 1968 and 1981 to 1986, and the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina from 1987 to 1995. He is a member of the Democratic Party.


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