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Our Baby Photo Contest welcomes all the babies globally. To enter into the contest the participants should be a registered member and submit their baby's photo for FREE in the baby photo contest online by completing the online registration process. You are allowed to submit only one photo per email ID. You can also Click Here to submit your entry.

The submission of the baby photo should be approved by the parent or legal guardian of the baby. By submitting the photo of your baby in our Baby Photo Contest parents or legal guardian grants team the right to publish the entrant's photo and the child's name on our website. While registering in our Baby Photo Contest, you also give us the rights to reuse your baby photo on our website for displaying in the banner or in the winner of the month section or for website enactment.

3 Easy Steps to Join our
Baby Photo Contest.

Step for Photo Contest

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The entries of each contest will be received as per the given calendar format. Explained as mentioned –

The entry of the baby's photo will start from 11th of every month till 10th of next month. The voting will start from 1st of month next to the entry month and voting will be open till the last day of that month. The winner will be announced within 2 days of the month next to the voting month and likewise the process goes on every month. Pls see the calendar mentioned below of our baby photo contest

Calendar Format of the Baby
Photo Contest.

Contest Schedule

Format of the Photo

The size of the baby photo should not exceed 300 X 300 pixels, also the baby photo must be in either of these formats 'gif', 'jpeg' or 'png' only. Photo of different size and format will not be successfully uploaded.

While choosing the photo of your baby please ensure that the picture is of high quality and your baby is alone in that photo.

Your baby should be well dressed in the picture and no nudity will be allowed. Photos with nudity or children depicted in a belittling or dodgy position will not be accepted by us. team have all the rights to reject any photograph that they define as unacceptable.

Photo submitted for the contest should not have any copyright restriction. In case any issue arises; it will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

Eligibility Criteria

Baby boys and baby girls from the age group of 0 to 5 yrs are eligible to participate in the baby photo contest. Babies from all over the world can take part in this contest.

The entrants cannot submit their baby's photo in consecutive months in the baby photo contest. One entry per child per contest. Incase if they wish to participate again in our Baby Photo Contest, they can only take part in any two future contest but not consecutively.

Participants are requested to follow the theme as and when declared explicit theme by team. The contest theme will be displayed on our banner in our website.

Baby should not be sleeping in photo. In photo special effect should not be used, no frames, no tone change, no other pros added through graphically altered etc.

Picture should be clear and face should be clearly visible. Child should be alone or may as per theme, no family member or friends should be in photo part or full.

It is possible child with non destructive pros in photo, but destructive pros will not be acceptable.

Voting & Judgement Process

The voting of the baby's photo is divided in two parts, which are Judges Votes and Public votes. Judges vote are based on the defined parameters which are mentioned below-

Photogenic Face
Picture Quality
Well Dressed

The photos are to be judged with no discrimination towards sex, race, or age. The voters will be allowed to vote only once in a day per baby photo. A strict security has been designed to monitor any vote tampering in this process. If noticed an attempt to circumvent the rules of voting by any other method to increase the number of votes, those polls will not be added and that particular baby's photo may be disqualified from the ongoing contest.

The decision of disqualifying any baby's photo due to the breach of the rules will be completely at the discretion of the team and will take place without any intimation to the entrants.

The voting of the babies will be closed on the last day of every month.

Winner Announcement

The winner and the first runner up of the Baby Photo Contest will be declared within 48 hours of the last date of the contest.

The winner and the first runner up will be notified via email regarding the update and will be certified with a certificate by team as the winner of our Baby Photo Contest.

Company reserves the right to choose the winner based on the results and companies discretion.

Winners and Runners up photo will be displayed on our website pages till the next winner is announced.


Participants personal contact details will not be sold to external organisations.

Company reserves the right to anytime change the rules or extend the contest date due to technical or administrative problem issue and, such changes will be notified via email to the contestant.

Disclaimer- By browsing our website you acknowledge our disclaimer as mentioned: - The information mentioned on our website is truthful to best of our knowledge. By entering into the baby photo contest you acknowledge that you enter in our contest by your own risk and that we shall be not liable for any kind of misuse or mishandling of your baby's photo but not limit to this. and its team can not be held responsible and liable for any reason. By registering into our contest you are abide to follow the rules and regulations of the baby photo contest. You also agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and will not knowingly use the Contest Website for any improper or unlawful purposes.

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