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Baby Car Seats Safety


There was a time, not too long ago, when baby car seats were considered a symbol of prosperity and affluence. Only the rich and the famous owned cars which logically implied that if your baby had a car seat your baby was rich and famous too. Those days are thankfully gone now and not just owning but also using a car seat for your baby is the law in just about every country on all the populated continents. Let us take a look to see how car seats can further contribute to your baby's safety, comfort and well-being while you are on the go.

The right time to bring home the Car Seat

Although shopping for the baby before the baby arrives is considered inauspicious in many cultures, the purchase can add to the overall excitement the anticipated arrival sparks. If you are planning to make the purchase before the baby's arrival, just make sure that the store you purchase from is open to an exchange proposition since you may well have to exchange pink for blue or blue for pink assuming a gender neutral color fails to catch your fancy.

Key Factors to Consider

A baby car seat may not be the most expensive product you will buy for your darling little one. However, it is the most significant from a safety standpoint given the number of miles we all drive these days. What factors should you consider when shopping for a baby car seat? Let us take a quick look.

Check for Recalls

If your government has set up a centralized clearinghouse for recall notices, visit their website and look for any recall notices for the brand you are considering. Move to the next brand on your list if you see even a single recall notice. There are times when risk taking should not be on the cards and considerations that concern your baby are definitely not open to any risk perception. The Consumer Products Safety Commission is the flagship federal agency which provides information on product recalls in the US..

Check the Warranty

Although most car seat companies provide a standard warranty of either 90 days or one year duration, there are a few companies that will give you a longer warranty on your baby car seat.

Check Safety ratings and Online Reviews

There are a number of product review websites and blogs which routinely review baby car seats. Check them out. You should also investigate product ratings and search on social media to see what other parents are saying about the brand you like and which brands they are buying.

Concluding Thoughts

Like any other research project, researching the right car seat for your little bundle of joy will call for a small time commitment. The purchasing decision is further complicated by the large number of features, bells and whistles that are now built in. You will have to grapple with decision such as whether to buy a car seat that is also a stroller, car seats that adjust and convert into cradles, seats with storage space-- the list is endless. Regardless of what you purchase, it is critical that you not only buy a car seat but also use it. Consider buying two if you happen to be a two-car family. There will never be a temptation to drive off without strapping your baby into a car seat because you are late for an appointment and do not have the time to transfer your baby's car seat from one automobile to the other.


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