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Spending Quality Time With Your Kids On A Business Trip


The earth rotates on its axis, planets revolve around the sun, time flies past us at the speed of light, and before you know it, your kids are ready to fly off the nest. Such is the way of life with millions of parents around the world, especially families with dual income parents, where quality time spent with children is more precious than a pot of gold.

So what are some of the things you should watch out for during monsoon months when you have an adorable little one in your family? Let us find out.

Measuring the Moments

Experiencing the empty nest syndrome has become an inherent part of our cultural psyche. However, there are ways in which you can cushion the impact and the first step in this direction is by spending quality time with your children. Here is at least one unusual way in which you can turn magic moments into memorable moments, bring a smile to little faces, and build relationships that last beyond a lifetime.


Take Kids with you on a Business Trip

Incredible as it might sound, taking your children on a business trip is one of the most innovative ways to spend time with them. Business trips are usually short and don?t last more than one or two days. If your organization is able to provide you with a little flexibility, you can even schedule the business meeting or sales training you are obligated to attend in the latter part of the week so that you can combine a weekday with the weekend. Your spouse, who will obviously need to take a day or two off, will be able to spend quality time with the kids too while you are attending your meetings and training gigs. You can reverse roles at the next opportunity with your spouse. Believe us, once your family is with you on your business trip, you will find plenty of reasons to return to your hotel suite as soon as your work commitments are addressed satisfactorily to take everyone out and have a blast of a time.

Economy of Scale

You can even save on hotel costs by arranging to apply your corporate rate and reimbursing your company for the extra costs involved. As they say, just about everything can be negotiated these days if the spirit is positive and the head is held high.

Planning like Charity begins at Home

Seek the assistance of the hotel?s concierge desk to plan your family events by calling them as soon as your plans are confirmed and well before you depart. Many shows your kids would want to attend may have limited seating and disappointing them is certainly not an option. Your hotel will help you with the reservations.

Business in the Boonies

If your business trip takes you to a city which, you are told, really doesn?t have much to offer, don?t buy that argument. Every city has something to offer to tourists. The fact that it may not interest you is an all together different story. If that is the case, rent a car and explore the cities around your primary location after conducting a little research on the Internet. We all know our children better than anyone else and picking out the right kind of activities will seldom pose a major challenge.

Statistics that Speak

Fewer adults are traveling with children today. In 2012, 26 percent of domestic leisure travelers with children under the age of 18, amounting to approximately 408.5 million trips. This does not compare favorably with 2008, when 31 percent of adults traveled with children amounting to 466.2 million trips. While 41% of Americans let their paid vacation lapse each year, according to an article which appeared in the August 2014 issue of the , Americans took approximately 4431.7 million trips in 2013, according to a conducted by the Global Business Travel Association. That is more than the entire population of the US and leaves ample opportunities for you to take your little ones along with you on your next business trip.


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