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Baby Name Meanings for a Meaningful Identity

The name reflects image, attitude, personality and the way you want to anticipate your child as. Naming a child is a challenge for parents, which needs a sensibility and responsibility. A name can have a profound impact on a child which reverberates into adulthood. Parents on one hand are extremely excited about the arrival; on the other hand, they are equally conscious about naming their baby. The baby's arrival is also the commencement of yet another responsible task – the quest for the perfect baby name.

Baby Name Meanings Galore

One of the most often misunderstood and under-valued considerations when choosing a name for a baby is its meaning. This is a subtle area and often calls for research because the name you choose may have a positive connotation in your language. However, it might mean something entirely different and often negative in another language. For instance, the baby girl name "Hella has a Biblical connotation. Unfortunately, it means "rust" in Hebrew. Whoever would believe that the name "Byron" means "small cottage" or "house" in Anglo Saxon. Imagine what a field day your baby's Internet-savvy playmates will have when they discover the true name of your baby if it is selected inappropriately. The baby name you finally choose can either negatively or positively influence the emotional well-being, health, professional career, attitude, personality and behaviour of your baby when he or she grows up. It is therefore critical for you to choose the most appropriate baby name.

Baby Name Meaning and the Parental Instinct

When you are finally ready to name your baby, you have probably had an opportunity to observe the baby and intuitively come to a few conclusions about the baby's personality. How your baby looks also impacts this decision. The name you choose should match these sentiments. Is the name too masculine for your baby girl? If your baby boy is of a quiet disposition, is the name you choose one that denotes courage, bravery and aggression? For instance, the name "Alexander" has come to denote bravery. "William" means valiant protector. For baby girls who generally tend to foreshadow their role as care givers, feminine names which reflect feminine attributes are available in abundance. For example, Mildred, a popular baby girl name with its derivation from Old English, means "gentle." Frances , a baby girl name that is popular in australia , the UK and the US even today, means "free-spirited." This name has a Latin derivation and is also easy to spell. Take baby name meanings with a floral tinge for instance. Names such as "Hyacinth," "Daisy," and "Fern" are popular even today in most parts of the English speaking world. Names such as "Eve" and "Zoe" are actual synonyms for flower.

The baby name you select can subconsciously mould the mind and personality of your baby. This is in part due to the fact that the human brain is in full control of our thought processes. Our names tend to shape and define our attitudes and beliefs which can have a long-lasting impact on us as human beings.

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This is definitely the most important factor. When you say the name aloud does it have a pleasing sound? Choose a name and say it repeatedly. Call it out loud and see if it appeals to you and your spouse. Also, call out the first name along with your last name.


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