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Armenian Baby Names

Every civilization or culture has its own identity and tradition which gives them their individuality and identity. Armenian naming system dates back to 2000 years BC. This nation also has borrowed the names from other civilization which have come in their contact. The other names are inspired by nature. Usually Armenian names are used in the country and the Armenian communities all over the world. The Armenian language is an independent division of Indo-European language family. Because of its linguistic independence, unique alphabet, Christian ancestry, distinctive pronunciation and thoughtful etymology, parents all over the world prefer Armenian baby names. The Babynology website has more than thousands of baby names to choose from. The names have their origin, meaning and are mentioned alphabetically.

Armenian Boy Names

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Armenian Girl Names

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Armenian Baby Boy Names Meaning & Armenian Baby Girl Names Meaning

Male (Boys)
Male (Boys)
Male (Boys)
Help From Go(akan Origin )
Male (Boys)
Babynamele Devoted To Fire Worship
Male (Boys)
Male (Boys)
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