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Bengali Baby Names

Indian names vary from region to region, out of all the origins Babynology spreads a huge variety of Bengali baby names to choose from. Usually there is a traditional format of naming a baby, which is a given name, middle name and the family name but the most common name used is the given name. In Bengali culture there is a majority of having a nickname which sounds cute often. In Bengali Muslim names, the same naming format is being used. Babynology has a data of more than thousands Bengali names of baby with their gender and meaning to choose from.

Bengali Boy Names

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Bengali Girl Names

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Bengali Baby Boy Names Meaning & Bengali Baby Girl Names Meaning

Male (Boys)
One Who Is Victorious (Abhijeet)
Male (Boys)
Male (Boys)
Water Bearing; Clouds
Male (Boys)
Lord Shiva, Vishnu
Male (Boys)
Beyond Comprehension
Male (Boys)
Variation Of Adam From The Red Earth.
Female (Girls)
A Famous Buddhist Cave
Male (Boys)
Unconquerable (Ajeet)
Male (Boys)
One Who Is Incapable Of Being Conquered, Defeated,
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