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Abe Akira


Was a contemporary Japanese author. He was born in Hiroshima, where his father, a naval officer, was

Adachi Kenzo


Was a Japanese politician of Taisho and early Showa periods. Originally from Kumamoto, he was involv

Adachi Yurie

Female (Girls)

She has played for Japan in the World Women's Championship Division 1 two years. In 2008 she played

Ademir Santos


A retired Brazilian-Japanese footballer. He moved to Japan at age 16 to complete his high school stu

Aguri Suzuki


Is a former racing driver from Japan. He participated in 88 Formula One Grands Prix, and his most no


Female (Girls)

Was raised in Japan for much of her younger life and is the reason for her Japanese accent, although

Ai Aoki

Female (Girls)

A Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Councillors in the

Ai Fukuhara

Female (Girls)

A Japanese table tennis player. She uses long pimples on the backhand and reversed rubber on the for

Ai Inden

Female (Girls)

Is a Japanese volleyball player who plays for JT Marvelous.She became a volleyball player at 12 year

Ai Kago

Female (Girls)

A Japanese pop singer under R&A Promotions Co.,Ltd, actress and published author.At age of 12, Kago

Ai Nonaka

Female (Girls)

She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on June 9, 1981.[1]. She was crowned Miss India in 2001. She has

Any Worlds of Choices for Baby Boy Names

The nine months that precede the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy is marked with hectic activity and fervor. There is a special room to decorate, furniture to buy and hospitals to visit.


Ai Orikasa

Female (Girls)

A popular Japanese seiyu and singer from Tokyo. She works for Production Baobab. Orikasa is also the

Ai Otsuka

Female (Girls)

An Indian film actress. She began her career acting in music videos, while also attending an acting

Ai Shibata

Female (Girls)

She is best known as a member of the successful pop/R&B group the Pussycat Dolls.Sutta plays the wom

Ai Sugiyama

Female (Girls)

A Japanese professional tennis player. She turned professional in 1992. In her career so far, she ha

Ai Takahashi

Female (Girls)

A Japanese pop singer associated with Hello! Project, best known as the current leader of Morning Mu

Ai Yamamoto

Female (Girls)

Is a female volleyball player from Japan. Her maiden name was Ai Otomo (?? ?, Otomo Ai?).She compete

Aida Yasuaki


Was a Japanese mathematician. He made significant contributions to the fields of number theory and g

Aida Yuji


Was a Japanese historian, and specialist on the Renaissance. He was very active throughout his caree

Aiichiro Fujiyama


Was a Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party and business executive.A business executiv

Aijima Kazuyuki


A Japanese stage and film actor, and one of the original Tokyo Sunshine Boys, a theatrical troupe th

Aiko Asano

Female (Girls)

A Japanese actress and singer.In 1987, she played a lead in the Japanese movie Drifting Classroom, w

Aiko Ikuta

Female (Girls)

A Japanese pop artist. As her stage name she uses her real name written in katakana like this: ?????

Aiko Kayo

Female (Girls)

A popular idol singer. She has released 12 singles and 2 albums on the Avex Trax label in Japan. She

Aiko Miyake

Female (Girls)

Is a former freestyle swimmer from Japan, who competed for her native country at the 1996 Summer Oly

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