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Kinjal name origin
In sanskrit meaning of kinjal is very beautiful or bud of lotus.
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Sea god(samudra devta) gave the lotus garland (named kinjal kini)which never fade's to Godess durga. Name is mentioned in durga sapstati. Well once i read a book called "Namavali" n in that the meaning of kinjal is "The leaves of lotus." In sanskrit meaning of kinjal is very beautiful or bud of lotus. Meaning of kinjal is" river bank" Kinjal means a bird....koyal(cukoo) Kinjal means a name of a bird

Kinjal lierally means MALE filament of lotus flower. It is a MALE name based on meaning. Many parents unaware of Sanskrit meaning have ended up naming their girls - kinjal!! A meaning of kinjal name is dew drop of morning water inside of lotus When SUN rises its one ray which falls in land and that part of land is filled with water so its called KINJAL And other meaning of KINJAL is KEY OF WATER Kinjal means the first drop of water which comes out from a baby's eye. Kinjal means a garland of lotus which never fades.

these flowers are so beautiful and bright red in color.
Kinjal means the tears of king its very important tears beacuse the king hardly cry Kinjal means a pot which is filled with holly water called kalash.... Kinjal means leaves of lotus and a beautiful flower Kinjal means river bank. It comes from Sanskrit origin meaning "stream of water".

Kinjal means "River bank" and it can be used as unisex name also Kinjal is the one who cares for others and is not selfish. In Gujarati it means sweet water and happiness. In Hindi, it means kalash. It also means fame and popularity. It also means the voice of koyal,the bird. Kinjal means river water or bay of river.
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Meaning of Kinjal in Hindu origin/culture for Girl name with history and fame details.