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Male Sheep

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Ram name origin
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In Hindu Mythology: as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, Rama's story is told in the Hindu "Ramayana". Biblical: an ancestor of King David and Jesus. According to Hindu Mythology: as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, Rama's story is told in the Hindu "Ramayana".

Biblical: an ancestor of King David and Jesus.
Ram is of Sanskrit and Hebrew Origin and means pleasing,Supreme ,High ,Tall, Lofty, Exalted .
Ram Name also appears in following Origin(s): Hebrew, Biblical, Sanskrit, Hindu, English, Teutonic
Ram also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Bengali, British, English, French
Famous Name Ram
Ram Jethmalani
an Indian politician and a famous and controversial criminal lawyer.Jethmalani is considered a maverick and has many distinctions to his credit. He started life very early, and after being given a triple-promotion in school and after completing his LL.B. at the age of 17, he was too young to join the Bar. But, after persuading the Chief Justice of Sind to pass a special resolution to relax the rules, he entered the profession with a vengeance.He married Shrimati Ratna Jethmalani in 1947, and Durga, when he moved to Bombay, after partition. They had already married before independence, so in a manner, it was just a ceremony to renew their vows. There was a law at that point of time in the Presidency of Bombay that disallowed bigamy, so he married his second wife in Delhi, when they traveled by road. He has 2 sons and 2 daughters. Two of his children, Mahesh Jethmalani and Rani Jethmalani are also well known lawyers.
Chandgi Ram
was an Indian wrestler who won a gold medal at 1970 Asian Games. He was born in 1937 in the Hisar district of state of Haryana. He later set up the akhara to train women wrestlers for international events. He was popularly known as Master Chandgi Ram. He
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Meaning of Ram in Hebrew origin/culture for Boy name with history and fame details.