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God Is Heard

Simon Name Origin

Simon name origin
It is also used as a surname
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In New Testament Of Bible, Simon was the original name of St Peter, one of the twelve apostles and first Bishop of Rome or Pope . It is also used as a surname It is also used as a surname Simon name is produced from Hebrew name shim'ōn,which means God has heard.It can also be used as a surname. Simon appears several times in the New Testament of the Bible. Simon was the original name of St Peter, one of the twelve apostles and first Bishop of Rome or Pope. Simon the Zealot is named as one of the apostles in the gospel of Luke. It was at Simon the Leper or the Pharisee's house that Jesus was anointed by a woman (Luke 7). Simon of Cyrene was the man chosen by the Romans to carry the cross of Jesus to his crucifixion. Simon is mentioned as a brother of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew and Mark
Simon Name also appears in following Origin(s): Hebrew, French, German, Scandinavian, Shakespearean, Biblical, Greek, Hungarian, Slavoniv
Simon also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Armenian, British, Czechoslovakian, Danish
Famous Name Simon
Simon Armitage
is a British poet, playwright, and novelist. Before finding success with his poetry he worked as a probation officer, an undertaker's assistant and a supermarket shelf stacker.
Pierre- Simon
was a French intellectual, literary historian, essayist, novelist, poet and literary critic. He won the Prix Eve Delacroix in 1963
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