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Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There are tons of options available for the items to be given as gifts for the baby shower. However, you should make your decision depending upon the realism and expediency that the items you are gifting to the parents-to-be would be of use when the baby arrives. A traditional baby shower ceremony is celebrated right before the birth of the baby. It involves close and dear friends, relatives and family members. All of them gather to wish the future parents, luck and gift them a lot of presents, which will be needed as soon as the baby is born.

So, which items make an excellent baby shower gifts? As it is very difficult to come down to one item, you can buy two or three gifts. Baby shower gift basket is a very popular gift item which includes all the essentials such as baby bottles, baby toiletries, blankets, towels, bath items, soft toys, teething toys, etc. All of these items will be needed by the mother. Apart from that, below are the perfect baby shower gift ideas:

Baby Health Items

You will find the numerous items which come under the baby health. For example, baby lotion, q-tips, baby powder, baby safety pins, baby thermometer, baby wipes, diapers and diaper bags, etc.

Baby Clothes

Clothing is an item which you can also gift the mother. You will find many, cute and awesome clothing for baby in the market. It includes sleepers, blankets, undershirts, socks as well. However, make sure that the clothes you select are especially made for babies as they are very easy to put on and to remove. Clothing should be according to the age of the baby.

Baby Bath Products

Baby's bath products also make an excellent gift item. It includes baby soaps, baby shampoos, baby towels, baby brushes, baby lotions, anti-skid bathtubs, bath toys and washcloths, etc.

Baby Feeding Items

Baby's feeding items which you can gift, at a baby shower includes baby formula, bottles, feeding spoons, bottle holders, bottle sterilizers, tipper cup, bibs, breast pump, nipples, etc.

Items for Baby's Room

It can also be a great baby shower gift idea. It includes wall pictures, picture frames, ceramic items with baby's initials, bouncy seats, stuffed animals, piggy bank, furniture etc. Various toys for the baby can also be a good idea for a gift.

Other wonderful baby shower gift ideas include a savings bond for the mother and the baby. Such gifts can have a very good impact on the future parents because they will gain a financial benefit from the bond as just like the baby, it will also grow over the years. Gift certificates like professional house cleaning services, laundry coupons, dry cleaning coupons, store certificates or restaurant gift certificates, etc. also make a magnificent gift option.

All occasions of parents-to-be should be celebrated with great joy and happiness as it is the very important phase of their lives. Baby shower is also one of the very important occasions. Express your love and best wishes with the great gifts which show that you care for the baby and the mother.


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