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Dealing With A Gassy Baby


Easy Home Remedies for Your Baby's Colic Problem

The most common baby problem is the colic problem, and it is the worst feeling which you can experience. You want to do whatever you want, to make your baby get relieved from this situation. Since crying is the only thing the baby can do, so you are not only dealing with a gassy baby, but also with the quirky baby. That is why; you have to put the extra effort to calm down the situation. The treatment to this very regular occurring problem is available easily by some natural home remedies.

First of all, make sure that while feeding the baby, either by bottle or breastfeeding, you are holding him in an upright position. Let the baby go in his pace of having milk. Do not try to fasten up the process. Give breaks in between the feeding to burp out the unnecessary gas. Remove the bottle from the baby's mouth as soon as he finishes his milk, otherwise the baby will suck up the air present in the empty bottle. In case, you are breastfeeding your child, you should take care of your diet as well, in order to prevent the gas problem in the baby. As the child is taking his feed from you, you should avoid having spicy and oily food.

You can also start giving some natural herbs to your baby, which are proved to have a calming effect on baby's tender digestive system. These herbs provide instant relief to the baby from the discomfort caused by the gas. Another good solution for this problem is to give the baby a warm soothing bath. It will help in comforting him and make him calm. Alternate method for this solution is to wrap your baby in a warm towel for a period of time. It will be peaceful and tranquil for the baby. You can also try giving him a soother as due to breastfeeding the babies are used to having something in their mouth while having milk. Giving a soother will calm and sooth him.

Burping is also an excellent treatment for gas. Take your baby on your shoulder with his stomach towards you and lightly tap his back. It will make him burp and relieve the gas. Massaging is also a good way out. Use castor oil or olive oil and slightly massage the tummy of your baby with a very less pressure. It will give him instant relief. Herbal teas are another good option. Boil some fennel seeds in water and give this water to your baby. Almost all of these home remedies are proved to have sooth and calm effect on baby's digestive system in the gassy situation. You may have to try various solutions, as every baby reacts different to each solution.


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